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MMS: Get Bent ad

Maddie’s back with a little more attitude. #MAPMerchShop #GetBent Maddie 2.0 was created with: Likeness: Stable Diffusion – PurePerfection Model Voice: Animation: 1:05 minutes. 894×480. H.264 MP4

MMS: 2023 Pride Ad

Meet Maddie. She’s MAP Merch Shop’s new spokes-girlie. In her debut video, Maddie wants to make sure you’re ready for Pride Month. #MAPMerchShop #Pride Maddie was created with: Likeness: Leonardo.AI Voice: Animation: 1:07Continue readingMMS: 2023 Pride Ad

Lindsay Ashford Interview

Lindsay Ashford Interview between 2005 and 2007. Lindsay is a brilliant, well-spoken, and charming, girl-lover. 35 minutes. 320×240. H.264 MP4 (video was spliced from 5 parts, video quality was not consistent)

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