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Support the MAP ministry and activism of Katie Cruz

I work full-time for the MAP community.

I’m involved in:

1. Sharing MAP research with various outlets… the fediverse, and various forums.

2. Writing for A MAP In Love

3. Maintaining and adding to The Mirror Project

4. Managing the business, tech, and PR side of MAP Merch Shop

5. Creating product designs as a vendor for MAP Merch Shop.

6. Ministering one-on-one to MAPs in need of mental health services.

7. Doing the legwork to get resources to help MAPs meet their physiological and safety needs.

8. Creating media for activism

9. Plus I may or may not be loosely involved with another MAP organization.

I don’t receive a salary for my ministry and activism to this community. I operate solely on contributions from those who appreciate my work and are able to help. Contributions are never mandatory, but certainly appreciated.

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